Monday, July 26, 2010

Staycation: Wolfe's Neck State Park in Maine

In early June we bought a State Park's pass for $70- we figure this is money well spent; it supports our local Parks and "encourages" us to explore Maine. (plus if we go to a park at least 6 times we will have saved some dough)

 We have lived here for a year now and living in a place is different from vacationing in that place... the daily grind of work and life can often keep one from really exploring their surroundings. So in an effort to learn more about Maine- to enrich the activities of our future out-of-town-visitors and to vacation on the cheap with a "staycation" we have set about exploring our local State Parks.  First up Wolf's Neck State Park, just up the road in Freeport. This is a park that we frequent the most as it's so close and has easy trails and beautiful scenery. (click on images to view them larger)

The trails in the park are very wooded and shady with a few that lead out to Casco Bay.

We were there at low tide.

Classic Maine landscape.

"lil" miss prego and Millie-dog

Back on the trails in the woods....

Part of the trail.

Mushrooms everywhere!

There are a series of trails throughout the park that loop around and join together. The path ways are mostly free of roots and debris and in some sections are nice and wide and made of mostly dirt.

We saw a group of young children hiking with their parents and couples running the paths- so the activity options are endless! We plan to bring our parents here the next time either group is in town.

Barns and houses line the road on the drive back into town from the park. They remind me of summers spent in Michigan. 

I will continue to share  other "staycation" voyages we take around Maine so stay tuned!

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