Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Urban Knitfits- #50 sales promo!

In order to reach 50 I'm offering a special 50 promo.
The next 5 customers will receive a free wristband of their choice in addition to free shipping!

Simply purchase an item of your choice and in the message at checkout mention which wristband you like, size, and color! It's that easy! NEW Wristbands have been added this week! Shop HERE. PS: Free shipping ends Aug 1st!


Mrs Robinson said...

Hey Abby!
So, I want to do my part and help get you to 50, but I am definitely over-thinking the color issue! :) I LOVE the yellow band majorette hat, however, I don't tend to wear a lot of yellow, so I am nervous about taking the plunge. I have a favorite Anthro scarf that is all jewel tones with the slightest hint of yellow... so maybe I can be brave and pull it off? Or maybe I should request a custom hat with teals and raspberries? What do you think? :)
Thanks! And congrats on all you are accomplishing these days - SO inspiring!

abigail said...

Awe, thanks so much!

Custom colors are available- so go with whatever colors you like best. As you can see I had a customer choose a white, blue and red hat!

Feel free to take a picture of the scarf if you like and send it to me on facebook, etc and we can talk more about possible color combos- in jewel tones, etc!

Mrs Robinson said...

Thanks A! I think I am definitely leaning towards a jewel toned one, so I will send you a photo when I get home tonight. Go ahead and make a custom listing for me and I'll place my order! :)
Can't wait!!


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