Monday, July 5, 2010

Working From Home, How I'm pulling this off...

Here I go, taking the plunge and working from home for my first full week!
I expressed this goal of being my own boss and working as a full time artist last fall through facebook... and since becoming pregnant I now have the opportunity to test my metal! So I thought I would start by giving a little more structure to my blog and I think this work from home series will be one of my regular topics. The intention is to use this regular "theme" to hold myself accountable to each week's goals and to share some helpful tips about this whole process of self marketing, etc.

First- What I've learned so far:  If you are selling on etsy you MUST have a twitter account! Feel free to follow me as UrbanKnitfits and as Grayday. I will admit I was hesitant to jump on the twitter band wagon... I felt facebook was enough exposure for my personal stuff, but after reading more about marketing I soon realized and subsequently reaped- the positive effect twitter can have on one's business! As a result I've been able to chat with and make twitter friends and subsequent customers. I have learned about key etsy promo opportunities by following etsy admin folks and other etsy sellers and as a result I had my work featured in the etsy voter on numerous occasions, ultimately putting my work on the etsy front page and making sales!  SO DO TWITTER!

The book pictured above titled- The Boss of you- I am currently reading. They offer some sound advice and really take you through the process of starting your business by beginning with the question- what do you want to do or sell?  I recommend the book and will share its gems with my blog readers as I go along. 

In the mean time the most important thing to remember is something I both read and learned from personal experience- keep making and listing your items on etsy as frequently as you can. My best sales months were always the ones where I was the most tuned in and active. This gives me comfort as I look ahead- I will be as successful as I am productive. Also you can read more etsy advice and tips on this post I wrote back in May.

I look forward to sharing my progress through this blog, so stay tuned!

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