Saturday, July 17, 2010

DIY: Fruit fly trap

An oldie, but a goodie- a home made fruit fly trap!
I mentioned last summer how we went away for a week and came back to our kitchen infested with fruit flies! I searched online and found a fun home made trap- and set to work to eliminate our visitors. It worked wonders! And after setting a new trap this week I thought I would share the recipe!

Take a cup or bottle- fill it with apple cider vinegar and a little dish liquid. The bubbles help collect the fruit flies. But I've also found it's not totally necessary.  Then cover your container with cling wrap. Poke holes into the plastic as seen above. I tied a rubber band around the plastic to keep it all in place. Set your trap in your kitchen or infested areas! 

The results, a bunch of dead fruit flies! Gross but oh so satisfying. Happy fruit fly catching!

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