Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Decorating Inspiration: Life at the Sea Shore

We packed up the car this past Thursday and headed south to the Jersey sea shore for the weekend. My grandparents bought their sea shore bungalow back in the 60s and we have been enjoying coppertone scented summers, big family gatherings, and sandy sheets for many years. In 2001 my family renovated the shore house expanding its height to accommodate our growing troupe. My Mother completed the house by decorating with a mix of old and new artwork, family furniture, and antiques. The house feels light and airy with soft color pallets and many large windows. Ocean references are sprinkled through out with salty inspired decor, and collections of sea shells; bringing the outside in without making the space too themed or kitschy. I too love decorating with elements from nature and fun artwork, thus I wanted to share some images of sea shore decorating for your own inspiration. (feel free to click on each image to view it larger)

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