Monday, July 19, 2010

Nesting Project- painted shelf

So I'm inspired! Before Christmas this past year- I wrote a blog post about this shelf I inherited asking readers to suggest a paint color.  The consensus was mango- since I have a bunch of it leftover from a project my mom completed.... but due to lack of time and a proper place to paint... the shelf remained in its unpainted state.

But now- after watching Bright Star- and seeing Martha Stewart on Jimmy Fallon last week- I have a renewed inspiration to paint this shelf.  Martha's paints are low VOC- non toxic, made with organic materials and their beautiful colors embody the inspiration of their names such as etched glass and grape jellybean! Her paints are available at Home Depot. To see examples of her swatches and inspirational decor ideas go to her website here.

I'm now thinking something from the neutral category- either a gray/robin's egg blue or a pink with kaki tones to it, or perhaps Etched glass!?  I'll keep you posted! need to make a little more $ before I can buy the paint and spend the time on it, but its definitely one of those nesting projects to get done before the baby arrives and while it's still nice to paint outside!

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