Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY Easter Bunny Crayons, and other toddler friendly Easter Egg fillers

Our Daughter's toddler classroom is having their Easter party this Wednesday and we were asked to bring in 6 eggs filled with a non-food item that was also gender neutral and one that would be appropriate for her class that ranges in age 15 months to 3 years!  We were also told that we could bring in more than 6 eggs in order to earn co-op hours. So I decided to make 24 eggs! (we need co-op hours!)

So the husband and I made our very own bunny crayons and here's how we did it!

First I got the idea from a valentine heart crayon DIY on pinterest (naturally). In the Easter section at Target I found a silicon bunny mold for 24 bunnies. I already have a pretty intense crayon stash from my youth (a ridiculous amount of crayons, that I was more than happy to recycle!). We worked with the broken and stubby crayons first.

Simply peel and chop crayons, put them in the mold and cook at 230 for 15 minutes. Ours took 20-25. Remove the crayons from the mold once they are cool and solid.
 We made a lot of crayons!!! It was actually pretty fun and a very affordable craft since we had so many crayons on hand.

We filled 12 eggs with bunny crayons and then the other 12 eggs we filled with one Easter sticker and one yellow and green pom pom. Pom poms are a big hit with toddlers and it was another great use of a material I already had on hand! In total we made 35 crayons, so I'm sending in the extras to her class in order that all of the kids will have a crayon even if they didn't get one of the eggs.

Here's a list of other non-food related toddler friendly egg fillers:

~ seeds for planting
~ homemade seed bombs (can use silicon bunny shaped trays!)
~ temporary tattoos
~ stickers
~ rubber stamps
~ beads
~ hair bows
~ non toxic mini nail polish
~ plastic animals
~ whistles
~ coins

  and for more Easter Basket ideas, check out my Easter Basket Goodies board on pinterest!

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