Thursday, March 7, 2013

Links and Such

hey all, Happy Thursday and Happy Links and Such post!
Our week has been a typical one, trying to stay on top of dishes while also chipping away at my nesting to do list... A future round up post to follow, perhaps tomorrow!? In the meantime here are some links that I've been bookmarking this week! Enjoy!

check out this water bottle with a built in cup!
Recipe: Guilt free homemade ice-cream  (2-3 ingredients and a blender!)
Love this linen jacket
Beautiful bedrooms: Week One
Pendant lighting inspiration 
arrowhead earrings
Cypress necklace
DIY: wood burned spoons
DIY: streamer wand tutorial 
Cute pillow cover
a great list of podcasts
more added to "Put an Egg on it"

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