Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Love Letter to Spring: Spring Activities with our Toddler...

For this week's Love Letter to Spring, I wanted to share our spring activities from this weekend! We are really looking forward to spring around here and we are starting off this new season inspired by some of our favorite children's books!

Honey Rabbit: We bought at a consignment store. It's very cute and fun to do different voices for all of the animals that help Honey Rabbit define what spring actually is.
And Then It's Spring: might be one of my all time favorite books. It has a simple narrative and the illustrations are so darling and full of funny little details. This book was the big inspiration for our weekend's spring activities (see below!)
Who's in The Garden: Was a gift from my cousin and it too is very spring inspiring. There is a lot to look at in this book, and each page has a little peek-a-boo cut out circle. I have to remind our daughter not to sing "Lets go Fly a kite" at the top of her lungs, when we get to the kite page...! ; )

So with spring on the horizon for quite sometime now, our daughter has been talking non stop about making a birdhouse and hanging a bird feeder (as pictured in "And Then It's Spring"). So I was pretty pumped when I found this birdhouse at whole foods the other week! I was going to save it for her Easter basket, but the husband made the good point that birds are starting to build their nests and perhaps we should get it up sooner rather than later.

So this weekend we gave our daughter the birdhouse and she quickly set to helping her dad put the house together.

The Melissa and Doug kit only came with 4 colors, so we used some other paints we had on hand in order to fulfill the request for purple!

At our daughter's school they make a lot of hand print and footprint artwork, so it was only natural that the house have at least 3 handprints on it! She asked me to help paint the house, so I added the one yellow leaf and blue trim. A nice collaboration.

After the birdhouse was finished, in the afternoon we set about starting our seeds for this year's garden!

Pretty ambitious/insane to let so much dirt into our family room, but it was a pretty easy clean up. Plus it was just a bit too damp this weekend to work outside... It's going to be fun to see how much more helpful she will be this year with the garden! (You know as helpful as a toddler can be!)

Then on Tuesday we hung the epic birdhouse out back. It's going to take a very special bird family to move in! ; ) We also hung the bird feeder and look forward to observing the activity that will take place between the two new backyard additions. We can see them from her little studio/sunroom at the back of the house as well as from her bedroom.

And our rainy Tuesday morning turned into a sunny afternoon, perfect for jumping in the mud puddles in our swampy backyard.

it's not spring, or childhood without a muddy face!

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