Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Handmade Shout Out: How Charming

Today's "Handmade Shout out" goes to my budding charm necklace. Personalized charms have become quite the trend, and I'm on board! My necklace began with a Heather Moore Charm- commemorating our wedding. It is the gold id tag stamped with the first initials of our names and a tree to symbolize the field where we were wed. And on the flip side is our wedding date. Since purchasing this charm- perhaps with the price of gold going up, and also Heather Moore's popularity, buying a Heather Moore charm for Cordelia is out of my price range. (ie: free- wink-)  But I still love drooling over them. Check our her website for lovely charm combinations!

The second charm is the little gold ring, a gift from Harvest Gold Gallery for Cordelia. It's a lovely band that is engraved with her name and birthdate. I decided to hang it from my necklace while she grows into it!

The final charm is by Lisa Hopkins and was on my etsy  "Christmas Wish List Treasury" this past fall. My mother took the hint and I was pleasantly surprised at Christmas!  I am usually not a words/quotes person, but somehow this charm really spoke to me- probably being a new mom played a major role.

Since this trend has taken off, etsy is saturated with charms and it can be hard to weed through them all- so BELOW are some of my favorites that are high quality, yet affordable. I hope they inspire your own handmade necklace!

Silhouette charm by luckymebeads.

Initial Droplet by onelifejewelry.

Hummingbird silver charm by my friends at Harvest Gold Gallery.

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Harvest Gold Jewelry & Gallery said...

Cool. I love the charm necklace idea. Watch for new designs in that department from us at Harvest Gold Gallery.


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