Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend goings on... housewarming gift, laying a fence, & homemade pesto

My twin brother and his wife finally had settlement on their house this weekend (after months of septic and well reconstruction) and they are moving in TODAY!!! This is their first house and like busy little bees they got to work the night of settlement last week and haven't stopped to take a breath. We pitched in this weekend to help them along.  Here are some pictures from our adventures. (click on images to view them larger)

Above: the little miss hanging out in the back of their "new" truck.

Their little bungalow/ cottage. Last weekend they removed the 2 story tall rhododendrons that covered the right side of the house and along the back left side of the house. They have big plans for their house including a backyard with chickens and bees! This week they had the wood floors redone and they look amazing! and Hannah is on track with her kitchen redo. The cabinets are sanded, primed and the first coat of paint is on... then follow the walls and bead board. (pictures to follow)

Happy home owners with their load of split rail fence from home depot.

Cameron, Hannah, and Ethan unload the fence.

the men (plus baby) proudly stand next to a section of the finished fence at the edge of the house...

Our little housewarming gift for them. A vintage can of "One of a kind Abigail and Cameron Elbow Grease" stuffed with a vintage berry towel- to reference all the jams I tease Hannah she will make (plus vintage tea towels are the best- sturdy and so absorbent). Bought the vintage goods in this great etsy shop! Then on a trip to Terrain this week (we go there when we are homesick for Maine) we found this book, The Beekeeper's Bible. IT IS AMAZING! It includes the history of beekeeping, recipes, and pretty much everything you need and didn't know you needed to know- about bee keeping. (Cameron and Hannah have been attending local bee keeping meetings in prep for Ethan and Hannah's Bees next spring)

eating lunch on their screened in porch.

dirty baby leg.

outside goofing around with dad

after a long weekend spent helping the new home owners with pruning, laying fence, picking out paint colors, etc... the husbo made some homemade pesto sunday night from our huge crop of basil. Even though we didn't have pine nuts (I KNOW- it's a crime) the pesto was amazing, as all home made pesto is! The baby enjoyed it mix in with green beans and tomatoes and mushrooms and we had ours over whole wheat pasta. Hard to believe that August is almost at the half way mark!  check out my latest Love Letter to Summer- with an end of summer vibe.

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rose Levinson said...

we make homemade pesto all the time - its simply the best! esp with fresh basil from the garden!!
we also make an arugula pesto with when we are out of pine nuts its no big deal!
looks like you and the fam are doing well - say hi to ethan for me!


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