Saturday, August 20, 2011

What to Watch: The Tree of Life

The other week, the husbo and I went out for a little date-day and went into Philly to see The Tree Of Life. I read snippets about the movie, mostly general "go and see this" recommendations, but not enough to know too much about the story line and I like that I went into the theatre this way. (I even think the trailer doesn't do the movie justice... I enjoyed being a bit in the dark and enjoying the journey of not knowing much about the movie, so watch the trailer if desired.) And so, in order to not spoil it for you, I will keep my remarks brief. I took a lot away from this movie... it was one of those films that sticks with you the following days and new conclusions and observations are made as you think back on the story. 

In grad school I dabbled with installations; I appreciate how this medium has the potential to create an experience for the viewer, to place them in an environment that can translate a smell, an emotion, and abstract feeling and make it tangible by creating an experience for the viewer...  The Tree of Life was like a cinematic art installation. For me it delved deep into the abstract questions, the nostalgia of life, of memory, of the world as being bigger and more infinite than our little issues... the movie was an experience and had the same qualities as an art installation. So if you can, do see it on the big screen.

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