Tuesday, August 2, 2011

in preparation for a 90th birthday

My paternal grandfather is turning 90 this month!!! It's a pretty big milestone, one we all hope to achieve... and so in addition to having a party at the shore, I have been making a photo book as the ultimate card! Don't worry, even though my grandfather is super savvy and an engineer he does not have a computer and probably doesn't even know about my blog or the word "blog". But still don't tell him!
 ; )

Above: a new-to-me picture of my grandfather and I, when I was almost 3-ish.

I'll share more pictures later, stay tuned!

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Mrs Robinson said...

Love these photo book ideas! I also saw this \http://pinterest.com/pin/89744981/ on pinterest and immediately thought of your party! What a fun way to theme the decor around the gift!


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