Friday, August 12, 2011

In preparation for a 90th birthday part #2

It's my grandfather's 90th birthday this weekend and most of the gang is all here at the shore to celebrate the "king of the beach"! I mentioned the other week how I was busy making him a photo book as the ultimate card and here are some more pictures from the project, as well as some that we found after the fact!

Above: vintage shore picture- that's my dad as a boy on the far right.

my dad eating watermelon and my aunt with the cropped hair cut to his right.

a spread from my grandfather's photo book via shutterfly

and a spread of their wedding day. so pretty!

That's me with my mom eating soft serve ice cream at Cream Valley in N.J. (the best soft serve ever!)

my parents with my cousins, sister and myself in our pool at our farm circa 1983

popsicle eating out back at the shore circa 1983. my twin brother and I in matching diapers.

the four of us with our two English cousins

my twin brother and I "washing" carriages, or rather each other. How cute is the dress I'm wearing? my grandmother made it for me!

me on one of our horses. my mom is leading us and my sister walks behind. I was 2.5 here and on a horse! craziness.

I'll be sure to share pictures on my blog from our lobster party! stay tuned and have a great weekend!

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