Monday, August 29, 2011

10 months old, an epic blog post

After this weekend, the little miss is 10 months old! Pretty crazy-dazy.  That means she has been living out of me for the same amount of time she was growing inside of me... that means I have been committed to this little one for 20 months, which, I'll admit, in the grand scheme of things will amount to a drop in the bucket... but from where I sit it's pretty wild to think of this time in these terms.  And the days before these past 20 months feel like ages ago.  What did I talk about, think about 20 months ago? I have no freaking idea. I'm drawing a blank! lol Anyway!

* warning* This blog post is heavy on videos, the result of slacking (and only musing for the 9 month post), thus they will all go on one big post as the ultimate recap for friends and family who live afar. Plus I try to strike a balance with my blog, I feel too many baby posts might be boring and alienating for some... hence another reason this is a big post- to avoid daily baby blogging! ; ) so if you want to hear more about my baby and watch some cute home videos, check them out after the jump!

Where to Start? Well she is eating like a champ, she eats everything we put in front of her. She loves tomatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, peas, pesto, pickles, pears, black olives, and the list goes on and on and on. It's really cute to watch her feed herself peas. She is like a little monkey. She grabs one in her fist and then slowly squeezes it up through her hand until it reaches the top of her fist where she can see it peeking out, then she brings it up to her mouth and eats it. You can see what I mean from this cherrios video taken at the shore the other weekend.

On saturday night (the night Irene- the hurricane- rolled through town) we were sitting in my parents library just our little family of three and Cordelia crawled over to this little red chair and pulled herself up on it. And then the next thing she knew the chair started to move away from her so she followed it and then poof she was walking using the chair as a walker!!! We were all blown away. It was one of those moments I wished I'd had my camera or phone near by! Cameron equated her look of surprise to the same reaction Steve Martin has in Dirty rotten Scoundrels when he can finally walk! I did manage to capture a bit of her "walking" after the initial triumphant milestone (see the video below).

In general, it feels like this month she took a big leap. She smiles all the time and as an appropriate reaction to something funny or general happiness. Her chitter-chatter is becoming more versatile with new sounds and with great expression and intended/hidden meaning. Basically it feels as if I am watching this little bud unfold as her personality, her sweet and happy nature comes forth... showing me glimpses of what she will be like as a little girl. I didn't think it was possible to love her more and more, it seems wrong- as if I didn't love her enough 3 months ago... but the more I hang out with her and watch her learn and explore the more I love her...

And a video of the little miss goofing around with her Dad.

A video from July of Cameron trying to teach her how to climb the stairs at the shore... and her new obsession with clapping!

And a long 3 minute video of her exploring in the kitchen, while the husbo made blueberry pancakes this past Sunday.

If you would like to read more baby related posts see the NEW tab at the top of the page called Motherhood Musings  and for a look back on more posts about the Little Miss click HERE.

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