Friday, August 26, 2011

A 90th Birthday Recap

 As some of you may know, my grandfather turned 90 this August and in keeping with our long tradition of throwing him a party at the shore every year, this year was no exception! Unfortunately the rain moved our party indoors (which was a first) but we had a great intimate lobster dinner to celebrate the Patriarch of the family. Above: Grandad with his Lobster dinner and captain's hat on and his V.I.P ribbon in place!

The whole crew including two of Grandad's friends.

Grandad opening the photobook we gave him, with my Uncle Rob and Aunt Deb sitting beside him.

Showing off the cover of the book, with a dapper Grandad on the front.

Grandad opening his bespoke ISIS Ceramics plate by my Aunt Deb.

My Aunt managed to fit everyone's name around the outside of the dish. This includes 4 great grandchildren!

A detail shot of the plate with a quote from my late grandmother "Remember who loves you!" which was also included on my Dad's plate for his 60th. The airplane with the Happy Birthday K.L.S banner is a reference to my Grandfather's 60th birthday when my Grandmother had a plane at the Jersey shore fly over the beach towing that message. The lobster was excellent, the laughs were abundant and overall it was a lovely party for a great man!

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