Thursday, October 21, 2010

Links and Such

I realize these links are primarily for shopping... But they offer fun gift ideas and inspiration!
(above picture c/o the

PoppyTalk: Fabulous looking Pumpkin cookie recipe- I will make these!

Puppy Video: making noises in his sleep... cute

MyRockingWardrobe: Japanese and Korean clothing and accessories for women, men and children. Love their paper products!

Pop&Lolli: Cute Fabric reusable wall decals!

Icelandic Market: Get your icelandic wear here.

The Wallpaper Collective: Inspires me to design wall paper, lovely contemporary designs.

Mini&Maximus: Cute "Don't Grow Up" t-shirts.

Beso: Designer goods marked down, sort of like bluefly but maybe more expensive...?

BodieandFou: A catch all of luxury clothing, gifts, and items for the home.

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