Thursday, October 14, 2010

DIY October

Just some fun links to inspire your weekend DIY Halloween projects!

Above- Real Simple: painted striped pumpkins.

Country Living: Spider garland.

Country Living: Painted spider pumpkins.

Hosting a haunted house/halloween party!? Don't skip the bathroom, it's all in the unexpected details. This Psycho Shower curtain is a fun idea- you can buy it HERE, or simply make your own. Just buy a cheap shower curtain, and have a friend lay down on it in a scary pose, trace them and cut!

Bloody Candles: Take regular white candles and melt red crayons in the flame and let the red wax drip down the sides.

And in case you don't have the time to make your own Halloween decorations- ETSY is always a great resource. Like these Halloween Coasters by OliveRoute, 6 for $5.

Hand felted Candy Corn by QueenHeronCreations, $5.

Goldenrod- wreath by KnockKnocking, $60.

Happy Decorating!

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