Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vintage Baby & Kid's Clothes on Etsy

I've been inspired to do a little Etsy search and gathering of Vintage children's clothes and I wanted to share my findings with my blog readers! First let me say- I grew up in hand-me-downs and consignment clothes and I know our children will do the same. It's less expensive and ultimately better for the environment- since you are essentially recycling and not adding to waste through new consumption...

So here are my favorites. ABOVE: a super cute girl's flannel shirt by Poppyandbean, $14.

Also from Poppyandbean- a striped cotton sweater, $14.

From Bootmeister- vintage children's' lace up shoes, sz 5 $25.

Darling unisex children's hand knit sweater from piratesb00ty, $18.
ps- she is having a BOGO 50% off sale... which brings us to....

The Vintage Peek a bunny, shirt, $10. 
SOOOOoo you could buy the sweater and then get the shirt for half off, and then send them to my house! ; )

Tropical Vintage sweater, from TheEveryThingStore, $20.

Vintage Bunny Overalls, from MotherMidnight, $26.

Cable Knit Cardigan, from HeartandSewn, $14.

Yes it seems Etsy really does have it all, and I'm so happy to find cool vintage children's clothes for reasonable prices!

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