Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eye on the Prize a Prego Update: the 36th week

So much for black being "slimming". 

Here it is a new milestone- I've reached the big 36th week of my pregnancy. And when I say big I include the belly in this description as well.  I officially have the pregnancy face too, I almost don't recognize myself. And seeing these pictures makes me realize how big I actually am- this is nuts, no?
Anyway, it's all starting to sink in- with help from our weekly birthing class, our big 36 week appointment with our midwives this Thursday- to get a really good lay of the land for our home birth, and with the help of the arrival of our curious home birth- "Birth Kit" complete with foot inking device- thingy (so cute). It's kinda crazy that I still have 4-6 weeks to go- but as a couple from our birth class demonstrated last week- you can be 35 weeks and the baby timer can go off... so it's anytime from now until 2 weeks after our due date at the beginning of Nov!

And the nesting continues.... I have a white/silver board in my studio/guest room/ baby nook room- full of nesting to dos. YIKES Luckily not all of them are super necessary, but the car seat one is!

And the baby nook. The dresser is slowly filling up! Onsies and such in the top drawers, sweaters in the middle, and blankets in the bottom drawer. And to the left- a shelf stocked with toys, receiving blankets, diapers and such. We are waiting until the baby is born to purchase our cloth diapers. We will use 7th generation disposables for the first few weeks while we get everything else figured out etc... We are going to order the $10 cloth diaper trail by Jillian's drawers to help us decide which brand works best for us!

A little informative note about disposable diapers: *They contribute up to 2 tons of waste in landfills PER child. * They cost up to $2,500 per baby. *Can contain a variety of chemicals- to maximize absorbency.  Whereas CLOTH diapers are not only better for the environment, healthier for your child but can cost as little as $300 from birth to potty training!

anyway- that's my monthly update!

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