Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh crap, I have a 2 yr old's birthday Party to Plan!

Our little one turns the big 2 on Saturday the 27th and although the gifts were planned and purchased long before our hectic move this past October... the actual party planning hasn't officially started until... NOW! Luckily I have a party ideas board on pinterest where I tuck away and save various party ideas for future reference and I'm so glad I did! Another perk I have going for me is that since the toddler is only two, she doesn't have a lot of ideas or desires when it comes to her party- IE: she told me she wants purple balloons, but only after seeing purple balloons in one of her books... so that's what I'm working with here, a child's board book for inspiration. So I'm running with it and here's what I've gathered together so far!

I really want to find HUGE 36" balloons (purple of course) for her party, this is really the only decoration I'm going to focus on, since I have bigger issues of where is everyone going to sit in our new place!?

But I also really like this tassel idea and if it doesn't happen this year, than it sure will in years to come (and then get stored away in a party decoration box, cus I 'aint throwing it away so fast!)

As for the cake... I think we are going to shoot for a chocolate one, and the husband and I like the single tall shape such as this one pictured above, plus the cherries are a nice touch but not sure about their tastiness since it's October and I'm a cherry purist. But honestly the cake is the husband's department!

Love this candle holder idea.

And this is a very sweet 2 year old birthday cake topper, not to mention it would be a shout out to her favorite stuffed animal- bunny.

So that's what I have going in my head- as of 5 days out, stay tuned next week when I'll share a birthday party recap!

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