Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How We Weathered Hurricane Sandy

I thought I should check in and let you know how we survived Hurricane Sandy.

Our daughter's birthday was on Saturday and it felt like the hurricane shortly followed (so pictures from her b-day are a bit delayed!). We are very grateful for our rather peaceful experience. Here are a few pictures from our 2 days spent hunkered down as a little family.

Above: On Sunday night we took the toddler out - in her new birthday rain boots to jump in puddles and to clear the leaves from the road and curb to allow for the water to make its way unhindered to the the drain at the end of the street. It was pretty fun and rewarding work and made a huge difference over the following days. Plus as a kid nothing is more fun than playing in the rain and setting leaves to float down tiny "ribers".

the leaves, such pretty colors. I was sure the storm would mean a quick end to fall, but luckily for our area leaves still cling on to the trees.

Later that night we had our first fire at our new place! This marks our first rental that has a working fireplace, we are more than excited!

Over the weekend the baby bump popped out. pretty crazy how fast it arrives the second go around. I'm only 16.5 weeks! yikes. I can already feel more movement which is fun, but will be more exciting when the toddler and husband can feel it.

Monday Morning- our prep areas were all set up for the imminent storm. We had flashlights in our kitchen and bedroom, our dining room table was stocked with candles, headlamps, camping stove, and more flashlights... and we baked blueberry muffins, corn bread and Vegetarian Shepherd's pie. And the hot chocolate was just an added bonus.

By Monday afternoon- we were all still in our pjs, listening to the wind and the rain, and snuggling after nap time while some proved harder to wake.

By Tuesday morning we still had power, which was a surprise, and we had my brother, sister-in-law and their dog Henry over for lunch and to enjoy a house with power, since they lost theirs the night before (but have it back as of this afternoon).  So we did alright in this little corner of Delaware, just one little leak coming in through the attic that a bucket could temporarily fix, and the neighbor's car across the street was parked 1inch away from being hit by a falling tree!  Lucky folks in these parts! My Dad, grandfather and sister-in-law are planning on heading to the shore tomorrow to check out the damage and the state of the house... that was the hardest part- watching the pictures role in on the internet of the havoc at the shore. Of course all of the subsequent footage of NYC, queens etc are equally heartbreaking... makes one more than grateful for just a soggy couple of days spent indoors. 

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Katy said...

I love this post. There is something very sweet and sincere about it. I can feel the sweetness of your family and your genuine gratitude for missing the worst of the storm :) I am also so grateful for how safe and undamaged you are!


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