Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Before hitting the hay tonight, I wanted to share a little recap of our Trick or Treating this year before tomorrow turns us into November and looking ahead to Thanksgiving.

Above: We went to my parent's neighborhood to ring the doorbells of familiar folk. We went around the neighborhood with The Mayor of Munchkinland and the wicked witch of the west. aka my mom and niece. All costumes made by my mom the Mayor!

Despite appearances the little one was pretty excited about this adventure, just tired from an already big day at school where they had a little Halloween party.

She loved putting the candy in her little bag and quickly caught on to how awesome this whole thing is!

This house offered pretzels- which was probably the biggest hit!

The little group nearing the end of our trick or treating.  You can see the mash of leaves and debris leftover from the hurricane... but luckily nothing like other areas further north of us, where some will be celebrating Halloween on Friday to compensate for the hurricane clean up... and then there are towns that won't be celebrating at all this year.

And a little video... reminds me of the countless Halloween videos my grandfather took of us growing up. Our daughter had her "Trick or treat!" and "Happy Halloween!" and "Thanks You!!"-s down pact and I tried to capture some of them, with prompting of course. If you listen carefully you can hear her muttering to herself "More Candy, more candy, more candy" as she walks up another driveway.

Hope you all had a festive Halloween!


Katy said...

Oh man I love Pinnie so much! I also love when you keep making Cordelia say Happy Halloween and then have to explain to Cameron why you make her say it so many times. Haha! Trick or treating with a 2 year old looks super adorable!

leah said...

It's all exceptional- the costumes, Cordelia's language skills, the beautiful weather and the whole family- thanks for sharing the video, Abigail.


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