Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moving on Up: Some Home Decor Inspiration for our big Move

We are moving this weekend! Over the past year and a half we've thankfully been living with my folks while the Husband took classes in prep for going back to school. It was a great help to live with them. And now, after looking since June, we found a great place and we are moving this weekend and I'm pretty excited to be reunited with our things... dishes, furniture, artwork, books, etc all of which has been living in storage.  I have big goals to unpack everything and purge the crap out of it! I figure having lived without these things for over a year should prove to be inspiring (I say this now, always a different story when reunited!).

And so I'm pretty swamped with packing, but I wanted to check in and share some links to my Home Decor inspiration. Thanks to Pinterest of course!

ABOVE: is a shot of my For the Home board. It's funny to see your aesthetic all in one place like this. I find it actually helps me focus in on what I really want to have in a space.

My number one priority when we move on Saturday is to have the little One's room all set up for when she sleeps there for the first time on Saturday night. I'm taking notes from her montessori classroom experience to have more surfaces and artwork hung at her height. I might move the glider out of her room and replace it with a floor couch made of big cushions that she can easily curl up on to read.

ABOVE: a shot of my Enchanting Kids Room board (I'm now noticing two swings in both of these boards! lol)

I'm also really excited to have one room dedicated to my studio, instead of my studio being spread out into corners of three different rooms. Organizing a studio feels a bit daunting for sure, you have to somehow wed your own creative process with some sort of order and functionality to ensure that the function and structure of the space will aid and encourage the freedom of your creative process, and not hinder it... does this make sense? I figure if I just divide the space into different sections- sewing, painting, silkscreen- that should provide a loose framework to start with.

So naturally I have a board dedicated to this: Organize my Studio Please!

As you can see we are going to be pretty busy these next few days and weeks, I'll try to check in now and then. In the meantime you can follow me on instagram for exciting pictures of moving boxes and me passed out on a floor somewhere! User name GrayDayStudio.

ciao for now,

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