Friday, October 19, 2012

hi... missed me? I'm finally writing a blog post

It's been a crazy last two weeks for us. Every night has felt like christmas eve, without the magic, where we stay up late and tiptoe around the new rental, arranging and emptying boxes... so when our daughter wakes up the next morning she will awake in a house that is slightly more put together and toddler friendly (IE: no more obstacles to trip over).  But couple all of this with being pregnant, yes PS I am pregnant and am now 15 weeks... and obviously a masochist since I moved the last time I was 3 months pregnant. Go ME! And believe me I DON'T recommend it. So my super sleepiness has been a bit of a road block on my voyage to ultimate productivity. But I'm trying to remember that it's just another lesson to take it slow and cut myself some slack... And during this, I had some etsy orders come in that took priority, hence my lack of blogging! But now I'm getting back to normalcy. So I thought I should check in with the blog and share some pictures of our new place!

(above: our mantle as of this morning... still working on arranging things. sorry for the blurry cell phone pics, still looking for my camera cord!)

The corner to the left of the mantle. Needs artwork on the wall (glass broke in our new frame).

Our Sofa across from the mantle... slowly hanging artwork. Need to get a new lampshade for the lamp... budget allowing- maybe next month?

Millie back at home on our pillows.

And a new to us table- that belonged to my paternal grandparents.

Detail shot of the mantle- right side.

And the left side. still fiddling and tweaking it... as I wait to find some specific objects I haven't unearthed yet. But it's nice that it's no longer a catch all for nails and tools.

This is my uniform anymore- due to moving and baby bump. My daze just after cleaning the bathroom the day before we moved... pretty cool pink and brown bathroom, huh!?

"Daddy's Home Millie! Daddy's Home!"

And my "studio" looks MUCH better now, but thought a picture of the before- would show what we've been dealing with lately!

And the toddler's room, with the blackout curtains I put up...

Stay tuned for more pictures of our place as it comes together and hopefully more blog posts! ; ) Have a great weekend!


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