Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Pictures: little by little, our place is taking shape

My mom came over yesterday morning to help me distribute our art around the house... figuring out where to hang everything and then thankfully helping me hang the artwork!

She arranged this lovely little grouping above our cookbook bookshelf in our dining room. I'll admit I wasn't sold on all of the plates hanging together, but once the antlers were added- everything felt right. It's always fun to see our artwork in different configurations.

Last night I hung up the picture of my grandfather in the snorkel mask. I found it amongst their slide collection and I love it! I scanned the slide and then had a bigger print made on shutterfly. This corner feels really complete now. And the little blue boat print I bought when we lived in Maine, feels right at home beneath the birdcage (it needed something there). I also love our ikea piece that houses our daughter's toys on the bottom shelves. She loves taking them out and playing with them and she also enjoys putting them back in their special spot. Since we've inherited 95% of our furniture from various family members, it's nice to have a new piece in the mix.

I hung this little snowy grouping above the husband's dresser yesterday. The moutain scape was a gift from Cameron's family friends in Alaska, the vintage painting was done by my great grandmother and the plate belonged to my grandmother.

And this little corner in our living room next to our sofa, now displays a sculpture by a friend and fellow artist from undergrad, with an old print of Florence- commemorating my semester studying in the Italian city.

On the family side this week- it was picture day at the toddler's school yesterday. She has her game face on here, probably because I actually asked her to stand still for 5 secs, instead of running around like a madwoman, which is all she does these days. She's rocking a little thrifted peter pan collar floral shirt and this cute corduroy dress we scored at the j-crew outlet in Maine, plus tights, she was quite the little school girl! Excited to see how the picture turned out. I was told by her teachers, that she looked serious but happy, lol.

And the other night during bath time, our dog Millie was so curious about the tub that I reminded her what it was like. I think I lost her trust. The toddler thought it was a fun treat, although that's not visible in this picture!

And it seems the fall leaves have hit their prime, with many beginning to make their whispered decent to the ground.  It's been a busy week for us, with the husband working sometimes two shifts a day while going to school... so we've been going at full speed with our own responsibilities and tasks, and we look forward to the little one's b-day this Saturday and an entire weekend where the husband doesn't have to work! hooray!!  

I'll be sure to give a bigger tour of our house in the near future... so stay tuned for that!

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