Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Toddler's 1st Birthday Gift Guide

 I mentioned in last week's Handmade Shout Out- that our daughter's first birthday is at the end of October!!! And I've been slowly planning her little party. While doing so I also have a board on pinterest where I gather together fun things I think she would like... and so I am using that board as inspiration for my first toddler gift guide- 1st birthday edition! I apologize if some of the items are girl-heavy, but there are plenty of unisex gift ideas as well.  Let me know in the comments what toys, etc were huge hits with the 1-year olds you know!?

Music Boxes are a pretty big deal at the moment, especially ones that move! We have a few vintage trinkets around the room that she admires from afar AND up close. Above a vintage one that plays "Rain drops keep falling on my head"

A wooden music box, that moves and is more or less indestructible- i.e. not too breakable! ; )

a schoenhut toy piano for the young composer. (shhh this one is already in the house!)

alphabet wooden blocks, by little sapling toys. A great gift they will play with for many years! They also have a custom 8 letter set- cute for spelling out the toddler's name!

a homemade busy board (my neighbor and I are already scheming about this one!)

a handmade duck doll, love all of her toys!

any and all BlaBla dolls, like this mini lulu flower doll and the mini april girl!

a boston terrier pillow for her crib, to have her dream of Millie.

Olive juice has great children's clothing like this quilted coat in mink brown.

and these handmade felt finger puppets are pretty cute and would be great for packing in your purse for on the go fun and entertainment!

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