Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What to Watch: Louis C. K.

I mentioned last week that we had a little date night last Thursday, and I was going to tell you where we went on Friday, but yah know it didn't happen... Anyway, we went and saw Louis C. K. And it was really good. I am a big fan of his show on FX I especially love the heartfelt, painfully honest, charming and funny episode #6 "Pamela/Subway". I loved seeing his stand up on Thursday night. It's fun and interesting to see someone live, especially a comedian... and I will say, like with a good movie (or tv show) the mark of it being noteworthy or a success (in my mind) is if it stays with you for days, even weeks afterwards.  And his stand up did just that.... I found myself smirking all the next day (and the next, and the next) at the jokes- more like stories, he told as I went about my boring errands.

He has this flawless ability to make his act appear as if it was invented in the moment, like he is purely reacting to his emotions, the audience, etc.  And yet when I look back on his set, it's genius how he wove his way through story after story.  It's so seamless you leave the theatre amused, fulfilled and entertained- yet you can't remember everything that was said, everything he covered in his set. It's crazy. During the show I experienced a huge array of emotions and reactions to what he shared... and yet I was struck with amnesia or something afterwards...  perhaps that's why it's so fun the following days- as you slowly "come to" and remember more of the details and descriptions- as the evening/ his set come back to you...

ANYWAY, rambling, but I will say even though I have enjoyed his stand up before (on tv, etc), there was something more polished about this set, incredibly thoughtful- yet with a teenager's perspective coming through... with moments of "dear diary" you should never say this out loud let alone think it- humor.

my point is, if you have the opportunity and can snag tickets- go see Louie LIVE.

(above: a more tamer side of Louie talking about Fatherhood on a Father's day edition of the Sunday morning show.)

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