Monday, October 17, 2011

Mug Weather

It's one of those fall mornings where it's gray and crisp and all you want to do is sleep in with the windows open, drink some tea and go on a walk... of course I was up at 6 am because a little someone (pointing my thumb to the pajama-clad toddler to my right) woke up and needed me... but I did have my tea and was able to have a mini morning with the husbo. We spoke about wanting to go on a walk, and the imaginary possibility of adding another day to our weekend... but not today.  ANYWAY, this little tangent was really to showcase the above handmade mug by JDWolfePottery on etsy. It's a 22 oz ceramic mug and it looks like it would get the job done! Perfect for a crisp gray morning. You can see past mug shout outs HERE and HERE.

1 comment:

Kimia Kline said...

gorgeous mug!!! i love the dots :)


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