Thursday, October 13, 2011

Links and Such

Happy Thursday er'body! How's your week been going? Ours is great, making more progress on our daughter's bedroom. So far I've painted a bookshelf, a little table, hung more artwork... maybe it will be completely done by her first birthday at the end of the month? (fingers crossed and I'll be sure to blog the results) And lastly, we are going out on a date tonight!!! Whut? Whut? Tis true. I'll tell you where we go tomorrow, so tune in for that! Anywho, enjoy this week's Links and Such! Above: the goonies = epic (should probably dedicate an entire blog post to them...)

stunning wrapped trees
love these Inverse Tulip earrings!
DIY danish modern lights
Are those walls lavendar? an artistic bedroom
check out the door in this amazing mudroom
flag sculptures, cute for party decorations?
an epic indoor treehouse for your chill-ins
a Boston puzzle (terrier that is!)
french onion soup recipe
a Danish Haven, love the chicken coop!

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