Thursday, October 27, 2011

12 Months Old: my homemade birthday video

It's been one whole year that we have been a little family... our daughter is a year old today, born on October 27th 2010 at 4:21 am at home in Portland, Maine... A lot has changed since her arrival. If you had told me last year we would leave our beloved Maine in order for the husbo to go back to school- I would have been pretty sad and felt that perhaps in some way we failed living our dream (only for a temporary moment...) But it's true what they say- a baby changes everything. And she has. On a personal note, I've never been so tired, so emotional, so mentally exhausted, so happy and so weepy all at once.

We now have a one year old. And in this last week she has blossomed once again. She is so jovial and outgoing, she "talks" to everyone at the grocery store, and she is interested in everything!!! She is soooo close to walking, we are waiting for the tipping point when she will all of a sudden take off on us. Sure it's cute NOW that she loves to be chased, after all she's not that fast on all fours, not to mention not as dangerous. I know once she starts walking we will be in for another surprise. Suddenly I won't have to carry her everywhere (score!) but I will have to walk ever so slowly and hunched over as I hold her hand and walk at her pace down the hall... and yes that is the constant undulating current of parenthood- you have to adapt along with their unexpected changes and developments. It's a constant mystery that can be fun and often the opposite!

But enough from me, a tired mom who has been working on this little video all week... A little note about the video- I don't make these very often (about once every 5 years) so excuse it's rough-ness... it was hard to be discerning and cut throat with all of the video and photos we have (you don't want to know how much!)  But it was a fun project, one that kept me misty eyed and up all night editing and tweaking...

anyway, enjoy the video and let me know what you think....?  I'll be taking a break from the blog today as we enjoy this special day with our little one year old. So there will not be a Links and Such this Thursday.  And I will forewarn you that the blog will be a little birthday party heavy after Saturday... I'll post some b-day party recaps, full of fun DIY ideas and party inspirations.

In closing- Happy Birthday to our little one.

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