Monday, September 13, 2010

Whispers of Fall

We took a walk last week at Two Lights State Park in Cape Elizabeth.

The park resides along a beautiful expanse of coastline- as seen above. There are many picnic areas with picnic tables nestled in and among the trees and many have lovely views of the water. Making this a fun area to bring out of town guests!

Mr and Lil Miss Squinty pants- testing out my new cell phone self take possibilities, maybe I shouldn't concentrate so hard?

Lovely fall berries and shrubs tucked in amongst the rocks.

Then on Saturday we went to the farmer's market, bought some cucumbers and a lovely bouquet of wild flowers. Fall seemed to be everywhere- with squash, gourds, and fingerling potatoes at almost every stand. It's funny how quickly the weather has changed over the last two weeks. We have added a wool blanket to the bed, and little dog is no longer passed out belly up trying to cool down, but rather seeks  a cozy spot underneath blankets or her sheep fleece.  

We have some fun fall events coming up on the calendar- the Common ground fair, apple picking, and more fall walks. I love this time of year. How do you celebrate Fall?

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