Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Misc Links & Other Such Foolery

Passive Aggressive Panda- hilarious blog, check it out!

Clog dancing with their hands- fun and funky dance video.

How to SNAP like a diva!- video

New Documentary- about TIFFANY super fans "I think we're alone now"- super creepy, should be shown to any aspiring teen idol kid to illustrate the cost of fame

hmmmm... Science has come up with The ultimate dance moves that are sure to help gentlemen get noticed!

Footage inside a cruise ship- as it hits some rough waves.

Drops of Jupiter- blog, does a fun Tattoo Tuesday weekly post- like this one.

Living With Punks- offers a neato DIY floor cushion how to! I have loads of fabric for this project, can't wait.

Blabla- cute kid's tee shirts

Top 5 flea markets in the country

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