Sunday, September 12, 2010

Making Art in the Street: Pickwick Independent Press

I wanted to share some pictures from Saturday's Block Party!
The Print shop- Pickwick Independent Press- participated in Space Gallery's Block Party, and we decided to go big or go home. So why not make some art in the street with a handy steam roller?
(I apologize for some fuzzy pics- all were taken with my new cell phone, which apparently has a wicked delay. Click on images to view them larger.)

All the artist's names written on the street...

The Badass steamroller.

The inking crew inking up the 4x4 ft and 4x8 ft wood blocks.

My block being inked.

All inked up and ready to go!

The Steamroller in action! We managed to print 3 woodblocks at once- all on canvas.

The first of the prints being hung, as the blocks are removed for new blocks to arrive. Yes, the hard hats were a nice finishing touch.

The prints hanging up to dry, aren't they purty!?

And there's my bird print.
This was my first wood block, and it was a fun learning experience for sure! (Here's a blog post I wrote about carving my wood block.)

It was a great night in Portland with many different art experiences taking place along congress street! We made prints from 6-9 and will continue to print the remaining edition on Sunday afternoon in a parking lot. Prints will be made in an edition of three, with one going to the artist, one to the print shop, and one to a helpful sponsor. Check out an article about the event HERE. How do we top a steamroller for next year?

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