Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nesting: Handmade Baby Gifts!

Our Knitting group threw myself and another fellow prego knitter and friend- a baby shower on Sunday! 
I wanted to share the cute handmade gifts from the special day as well as a few other handmade baby goodies!

Above: a cute matching set of socks and a hat!

A darling red hoodie sweater!

Look at these blue funky baby socks, very pippy long stocking!

A beautiful quilt, two sided, reversible and perfect size for baby- for on the go and lounging around the house!

And from my sister in law, a handmade quilt for a twin bed!

And the hat I gave to my fellow expectant knitter!

Looking forward to sharing more handmade things for the little one, I have a list of sweaters I want to start knitting, so stay tuned!

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