Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The 8 Month Bump, a prego update

Here it is, the beginning of my 8th month of being pregnant -a mile stone for sure with still plenty of time to drum my thumbs and wait... wait to see and meet our baby, to pack away my 3 pairs of maternity pants and start this new chapter called "parenthood" dun dun duuunnnnnn. The thing that's so deceiving about the start of the 8th month, is that you don't have 4 weeks left, you have 8-10 weeks, since typically most pregnancies that run full term end at the END of your 9th month. anywho...

Today was a fun day.  I got a special gift in the mail from my thoughtful sister, a dress/tunic from Roberta Roller Rabbit, that I am modeling in these pictures. I love Roberta Roller Rabbit's pieces- I have a bathing suit cover up and another tunic- that sadly does not fit my pregnant frame, so this gift was very perfect! Thanks Liz! What a great way to feel pampered and to break up the monotony of my one drawer of maternity clothes!

Today I also received this Pregnancy Tea I ordered from FlyingBirdBotanicals.

As for how things are moving along in there- baby hiccups are a common event- they feel like the baby is playing percussion to a very rhythmic beat.  The overall movement has morphed into what I think of as a baby whale (inside the momma whale, boom- beat you to it!). There are still random kicks, but the movements are more like a whale rising to the surface of the water and then back down again. And what is rising to the surface- is becoming more defined- here's the back, that's the little butt, and that is definitely a foot!

Other than that- we are now meeting with our midwives every 2 weeks instead of every 4, we begin our birthing classes at the end of the month, and I'm heading to DE for my baby shower in the middle of this month... and besides all the pregnancy stuff- I am working on my art and knitting up some small baby items.  I have some fun ideas- that are non-baby related, that I will share at the end of the week in their designated posts. So stay tuned.  That's it for now!

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