Monday, June 24, 2013

Before and After: Side Table makeover for only $12

I recently made over our little side table, it only took me a few days and only cost $12. Here is my Before and After post to share the process of this quick and easy makeover.

Above: you can see its original state on the left side, a very shiny mahogany finish popular in the 1950s. We have a lot of color in our living room so I knew I wanted something simple and neutral. And since we don't have a lot of black in the space- black paint felt like the right solution.

My Mom had leftover black paint, so no cost there and the knobs were $6 each from Anthropologie.

I simply sanded the table to knock down the high gloss and in some areas I sanded down to the natural wood finish in order to have it appear through the black paint when I sanded the final coat of paint. My mom recommended having a rough finish on this piece since it's very difficult and frustrating to achieve and maintain a pristine black piece of furniture, plus this way it will wear well over the years- during more moves and exposure to toddlers.

Detail shot of the knobs and the roughed finish.

TIP: To get a worn finish to a piece, simply sand the areas that would normally get the most ware- corners and exposed edges.

After two coats of paint I lightly sanded the top layer to expose the brown underneath. Then I finished the table with one coat of furniture wax.

After: The table in our living room.

And the table at night.

I am very happy with the result! It was a fast and inexpensive makeover that really transformed the piece, bringing it up to date and fitting into our space better. This project can now be crossed off my summer bucket list! Next up continuing to chip away at sanding the dining room chairs!

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