Monday, June 3, 2013

8 weeks old

On Saturday our son Ansel turned 8 weeks old, (counting sat-sat) a fun little milestone for all involved. So far life with two is exciting and bone tiring. But it's amazing to see how quickly I've adapted to taking care of two. However there are nights where the husband and I look at eachother in disbelief and wonder if we will live through this, lol. 

But it helps that Ansel is a very easy baby, as most 2nd babies are due to the parents need to split their time between the baby and older sibling. Thus he falls asleep easily and is content to stare at the wall for minutes on end, etc. He is smiling a lot more this week, which is very fun and rewarding and makes his interactions with his older sister very cute and fun to watch! He still has this slightly furrowed- old man look on occasion, and the quivering bottom lip is always adorable.

And he is growing and growing and growing...! At 6.5 weeks he weighed almost 14 pounds, giving him a weight gain of 1 pound a week. His growth spurts make us scramble to keep him wearing clothes and diapers that fit. 

He is a sweat little boy and I look forward to watching him grow and his personality and point of view unfold.

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