Tuesday, February 10, 2009

is it spring yet?

Cameron mentioned to me- sometime after christmas that he missed having something hanging on our front door.... so I got to thinking and went to Michael's today en route to the grocery store- and picked up a few faux flowers to make a door hanging with.   NOW I am not too big on fake flowers, but they do come in handy and can look nice when done well.

PLUS our door gets a lot of sun, and as we learned with our christmas greens- something "real" can dry out and look sad rather fast- hence the fake option I went with.
After laying my collection out on my table- where I arranged it in a way to look some what natural and freshly picked, I adhered all of the stems together with flower wire and then wrapped some blue ribbon I had kicking around. Then I looped the wire through the ribbon and made a loop of wire to hang the arrangement from our hook on the door.
And here is the final product on our front door. I decided to throw in some yellow to add a little color and to make it "read" from the street.  Looking at the photo now I am seeing some ways I could tweak it a bit... and maybe I will, but for now its nice to have something spring-like kicking around as we wrestle ourselves free from winter in the next few weeks!

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