Friday, February 13, 2009

a few of my favorite things on Etsy!

As I work on my own shop on etsy I have found some fantastic things - here are a few from this week that I would like to share with you!  This first one is a gold ring by "thebeside" shop.
This is an awesome felt lampshade by "MIXKO". It would look darling in a children's room!
This is a cool concept. Its custom you just send her a profile shot of your loved one and she creates a silhouette! You also pick from a selection of rings for your image to be framed by- and she pours resin over the image and ring and poof your own custom charm is born. I thought about doing this of my dog Millie.  Shop name "luckymebeads".
Here's another cool idea by "domesticconstruction". This would look great as lighting in your kitchen, or over a breakfast nook or for a funky twist over your desk, or work station!

I still have artwork for sale on my etsy shop- shop name "grayday" there is a direct link on the top right side of my main blog page.  So have fun bopping around on etsy over this long weekend- if you have one!

1 comment:

M. Crane said...

I want like everything from that jewelry site. I never find cool things like that in antique stores!


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