Monday, February 2, 2009

a face is a face

SO I am still working on selling my artwork and on getting some side commissions going. I thought I would post some images to make me feel like I have been making progress as well as to share with everyone what I have been doing.

This first painting is NOT finished- yet! Its of my niece and was a christmas gift to my brother and sister-in law.... its been taking me some time to actually finish it, but I figure I have another three hour session left.  Just have to punch the highlights a bit more, tune up the background etc etc.... (6x 4 inches, oil on panel)

My hope is to use this painting as a promotional tool to bring in portrait commissions! 

This drawing I am selling on Etsy ... so check that one out.

This is an old self portrait I did for a certificate class I took at the Academy before going on to their MFA program. I am going to add a portrait page to my artist website once I get all of my ducks in a row- and this will be one of them.. This portrait was done in 4-5 hrs. Its oil on a panel.

This is another drawing I am selling on etsy. I completed this while taking a certificate class at the Academy.

In the meantime- I am working on other little projects that I will be posting once completed.
If you want some cheap-ish art- check out my etsy site where I am selling paintings for around $40!

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