Sunday, February 8, 2009

every little bit

Here are two embellishment projects I have been working on this week! This first is another v-neck sweater I decided to spruce up.

1st I picked out some dollies from my mom's collection and dyed them pink. I chose to dye them in a bucket in my sink, because I didn't want to interfere with Cam's on going laundry! Plus this way I could have more control over the dying processes- leaving some dollies white at the center and pink at the edges, etc.  

I have not attached the dollies yet (this is going to take some time since I will sew them on by hand!). But this is the placement on the back of the sweater. I think I might put one or two small ones on the front- at the hem or peaking over a shoulder...  I'm also considering adding a bright yellow collar to the v-neck, something ruffly... I'll post the final product when completed!

Here's my second embellishment project. I took some old green felt and cut out leaf shapes. I then sewed each leaf at the center- creating a seam and making it look more leaf-like and also more interesting.  Then I attached them by hand to the shirt using pink thread to add another element- its all about the attention to detail with these projects! 

Now to be honest- I hadn't worn this shirt in a long time because there was/ is a small but OBVIOUS grease stain! yah know one of those stains that comes from no where and will NOT GO AWAY!  Hence the green sash detail around the waist of the shirt.  I used my sewing machine to attach the ribbon.   Its not completed yet- I think I am going to take it all the way around the back of the shirt.  But CAUTION if you do try something like this- do not make my mistake. I just willy-nilly pinned the ribbon to the shirt and sewed away!  But since its a knit I basically turned it into a corset at the waist- it was not pretty as I struggled to stubbornly get the dam thing over my head! AND hence why the ribbon is now no longer attached all the way around... seam ripper, seam ripper! so I will have to problem solve this one to a nice resolution...  I will keep you posted!

Here's a detailed shot of the leaves at the neck line.

I have at least 2-3 other shirts down at my sewing station in our basement- waiting for a little something! And with this 65 degree day here on the east coast- its nice to start focusing on t-shirts, although my knitting is still focused on the bulky cold weather accessories... but soon enough!

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