Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another DIY sweater!

I finished another embellished sweater. Actually I finished this a while ago... but I haven't posted it yet because I wasn't sure if it was actually "finished". So today I decided to take it out on its maiden voyage. To wear it a bit and see if I need to add anything to it! (shows up a bit better with the hair up!)
This was another one of the cashmere sweaters I inherited from my grandfather. It was a v- neck and a bit boxy, so I knit this collar out of left over brown wool- from my grandmother's knitting stash. I knit it on regular straight needles and I dropped a stitch as I went- making up my own pattern- as I do! SO up close it is a bit more interesting. Then I sewed it to the sweater using the brown yarn.  And then I added this pin.

The collar is only attached along the very edge of the v-neck so I can prop it up and it looks rather elizabethan.  This would be where I would alter it if I find it is too boring. I would "pop" the collar up... we'll see!

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