Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NEW (ish) original work at GrayDayStudio

We moved at the end of June... and I finally feel like I can raise my head out from under the deluge of boxes and odd home projects to say Hello! Plus I've been away from the blog as I soaked up the summer and good thing since now it is September.

I have a renewed sense of inspiration and dedication to my career, and this fall is going to be great! I've been reading Lisa Congdon's book Art Inc  and it is really getting my butt in gear. I appreciate the artist interviews peppered through out that offer practical success stories and tips as well as different approaches that have worked for each individual. Thus, there is no right formal to being a successful artist- the main ingredient is hard work. SOOOOooo I'm very excited. And as a result I will be blogging more, Promise!

But back to my shop! Over the summer I added these three new original paintings.


This fall I will also be offering prints of my original work, so stay tuned to the blog and my shop for news on when they arrive!

My commissions have begun to pick up and earlier in August I received a commission to paint a Hydrangea to pair with a Peony painting the customer had purchased from me.

I'm currently working on a large commissioned oil painting. My Customer wants a black and white striped table cloth with purple and green flowers and a gray background.  Above is the preliminary sketch. It is currently quite a bit further along now, but not enough resolved to share an updated picture ;)

Also this Fall, I will have more regular studio hours where the husband will have the kids three days a week so I can work uninterrupted. Of course I will continue to work when they nap and at night when they are asleep (and if I'm really in the zone- before they wake up in the morning, but since one of them usually finds her way into our bed at night, sneaking out in the morning isn't always as easy!). However, since I have regular studio hours, I am beginning to offer my popular paper garlands once again. Here is a little trio of pastel garlands that I will list later this week. 

In the meantime, here are the garlands that are currently available, more will be arriving very soon!

So yes, lots of scheming and planning over here. I'm applying to late fall/Holiday craft events. I'm going to approach local boutiques to sell my 5x7 stationary cards, party garland packages, etc. And then continue to paint original work as well as work on my Children's book.

It's very exciting and I look forward to sharing more with you my blog readers as I continue down this road.

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