Monday, September 8, 2014

Behind the Scenes at GrayDayStudio, oil paintings in progress.

I thought it would be fun to virtually visit my studio through a few behind the scenes pictures of some paintings in progress!

Above is a large 18x24" commissioned floral oil painting I'm working on. It has undergone some big changes this past week- eliminating and adding flowers. I like what is happening here. I also lightened the background and intend to add more flowers and other fine details this week!

I've also begun to work small and I REALLY enjoy this scale. It seems to gel with my current state of life- of not always having a large period of time to devote to a single painting. (I swear the multitasking of motherhood leaves me feeling unable to focus...) Thus the scale and time limit force me to be more direct and painterly with my approach, avoiding over working.

Above: is a little rabbit in his hutch painting. Measures 8x8. It's not finished yet (still have to darken and add contrast to the rabbit as well as add the wire cage in front.)

Above: a 6x6" oil painting of a tree and field that I see on my drive home in Chadds Ford, PA. I love this tree in the constantly changing field and I look forward to painting it through out the seasons. (Again this one is currently unfinished but I intend to fine tune the fence a touch more.)

So expect to see many more small works in the future! and for more behind the scenes follow me on Instagram

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