Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Fall so far (2013)

On Saturday, when our son wasn't going down for his nap, and I began to feel stressed, my husband kicked me out of the house and told me to go on a walk. I threw on a jacket, grabbed my sunglasses and went for a walk around the neighborhood. It wasn't until I consciously focused on just my breathing and my pace... that I realized how much I really needed that walk. I decided to just walk, tried not to think and scheme and plan my next to do, but just walk and let my mind be as empty and free as possible. And while walking, I realized lots of things... thoughts on life, motherhood, my course and direction, but that's for another time.. while walking I revisited fall and attempted to clarify why I love it so, and then why it is also so sad.  Fall has that amazing quality of being both beautiful and sad. It's a season where you are basically watching something disappear. The leaves turn and change, fall and drift down, scatter and skip around as the inevitability of winter is unfortunately around the corner. With Summer it just goes on and on and gets HOT and by September you almost wish it to leave as it lingers and wont take a hint. But fall has days where you realize you must run outside and jump in the leaves when the light is so perfect, when the weather is crisp but not yet biting, the leaves are fun and light and not damp and stinky...

And with this awareness I'm taking stock while some of the leaves are still on the trees... and I'm looking back while looking forward to see if I've truly appreciated my favorite season this year. Here is a round up of our fall thus far.

Halloween- an Owl, a gnome, and a gypsy

Apple picking

Happy coincidence with matching the scarecrow


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