Thursday, November 7, 2013

Links and Such

Hey all, It's thursday already...? Whaaaat?!?! I still want to share with you our little Halloween round up, have to edit some videos first. In the meantime I managed to squeak out a Links and Such post! (pats herself on the back) The weekend is just around the corner, and the husband isn't working so that's going to be awesome !!!

Want this skirt in black, the perfect staple!
Beautiful Ball Skirts
HOLY necklaces!
DIY Embroidered Constellation Runner
Swants tutorial (sweater pants that is)
Leaves as place cards
DIY Leaf mobile, cute for thanksgiving entertaining
backyard play ideas, love the leaf maze
Healthy and easy recipes for new moms (IE can make them with a baby in your arms)
absence of water: photographs of abandoned Victorian Era swimming pools
beautiful fall trails

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