Friday, November 22, 2013

Live with Less by Curating a Knock Out, Edited Wardrobe from clothing by Designers and Craftsmen

All right, let's do this, I want to talk about clothing, about curating a simple yet timeless wardrobe. I've been wanting to elaborate on this theme over the past 3 or so years. My second stint with maternity clothes put this topic on the back burner so to speak... but now I'm ready to discuss the need for a Curated Wardrobe with a more in-depth evaluation where I provide resources and helpful tips. So here we go! (I'll try and break it down into bullet points to keep it short-ish and straight forward.)

* Check out  "The 7 Most Baffling Things about Woman's Clothing" (sent to me by my sister-in-law) this article really sums up the need to seek out clothing that most readily available stores just don't offer. The Majority of Women's fashion is made with thin material, or not enough of it, hence we have to "layer" and are always cold. (I could go on but the article does a nice job!)

* THEN Get the book "Parisian chic"  Even if you dislike the French hype, this book really lays out the key principles about having an edited and limited wardrobe. In her book, Sophie speaks about how a small wardrobe can still be versatile and fun as you mix opposites together- Imagine loafers with a skirt instead of a more typical ballet flat. Essentially, this book is what pushed me forward in a more practical sense towards this need to pair down my wardrobe, etc.

My main objective is to start investing in "Pieces" that will wear well for MANY years to come. Thus they need to be:

~ Well Made
~ and Classic enough to not fall out of style too quickly.

What I love about curating a wardrobe, is that I've become much more discerning. For example I have a black cardigan on my wardrobe shopping list, along with a pair of oxfords or loafers and I've been on the look out for those two pieces for the past two years. I wont settle for something that isn't perfect, that wont stand the test of time. Thus I'm still on the hunt. Luckily recently I've found a few contenders, just need to raise the funds. AND with my limited wardrobe check list, this keeps me from shopping for anything else that isn't on my list! PLUS the bigger take away, is that with a focused approach to knowing my style, and the few pieces I actually need- comes a greater satisfaction with my wardrobe. I am literally satisfied and don't have to go back for seconds on dessert, so to speak. In the end it's better for my budget and for the environment, by allowing me to consume less stuff.

I'm sure I've said this before, but there is also a handmade/ get to know who made it- personal aspect to consumerism that is coming back into favor. We are more willing to invest in our wardrobe when we meet the designers, know their story, and know how the clothing was made (be it fair working conditions or a new discovered craft of weaving, etc). Thus here are some links that offer well made clothing that fills this criteria of investing in pieces.


Mill Mercantile: Seeks to offer Women the same craftsmanship and quality that is typically reserved for menswear! (I love everything on their site, it's pricy but if you think of these pieces as a cost per wear piece then in the long run you have a sound investment.)

Everlane: I have one of their silk shirts, and would love many more plus their cardigans look like they would actually keep one warm!!!

Makers Workshop: A blog turned virtual shop that features Made in America goods my enthusiastic craftspeople

Of a Kind: is another site that strives to bring budding designers to the public

Curator SF: is a clothing line made in California. I have two pieces from them and I adore them. I have my eye on their black skirt too!

Fischer: is another clothing line that offers made in the US pieces that are versatile enough to wear from season to season and age well with time.

Colenimo: is similar to those offered above, but it's based in the U.K. and makes everything in the U.K.

Well those are the links I have to share for now. I'll do a follow up post with more links at a future date! Please share an link you might have as well.

thanks for reading!

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