Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Before and After: DIY Headboard Makeover

As I mentioned in last month's Bedroom Makeover post, I've had a real desire to make over our master bedroom with the goal to make it more subdued, neutral and cohesive, less visually busy and thus more of a retreat.  I wanted this bedroom makeover to be a gift to the husband and myself, a little "Treat yo-self" moment... the ultimate gift for when we become the parents of two children (any day now!). ABOVE is our original bedroom beside my photoshop envisioned room makeover inspiration. Scroll down to the very bottom for the AFTER shot! ; )

Side note: It's funny that 3 years ago, and the last time I was pregnant, we made our original king headboard and for only $70! And now here we are, pregnant again and remaking and fine tuning our headboard. Anyway, here's a little tutorial on how we made over our king headboard. 

First we pulled out the original staples from the recycled quilt lining, allowing us to draw out our outline and cut out the final shape.

After messing around with a few sketches, I settled on the bolder line outline. I looked around for headboard inspiration and found this classic headboard shapes image very helpful.

Then I traced the outline onto tracing paper- in order to repeat it on the right side, by flipping the tracing paper.

Here is the tracing paper cut out flipped over for the right side of the headboard. NOTE! I did not measure and compare the two sides originally as I should have. You want to measure out some key points from your original side to have the second side match up. For example: the first dip is 7 inches from the top and so many inches in from the side. Then you repeat this measurement on the right side in order to allow for a better tracing paper line up.

Then the Husband cut out the shape. (you can see my original mis measuring goof up with the red marker).

Next came covering the headboard with the gray wool I purchased (could not find a lighter gray linen anywhere that wouldn't break the bank!). After reattaching the quilt padding with our staple gun, I soon realized that I couldn't just staple the fabric over our new headboard without getting some serious puckering along the curves... So my mom graciously came to the rescue and helped me with this stage. And when I say help, I mean she made us a semi-slipcover for our headboard.  And here's how she did it.

She pinned the slipcover to the padding, and then traced with sewing chalk along the edge- to indicate where she would cut the fabric.

Here are two detail shots of where she cut. She gave herself enough leeway for a 5/8 (?) hem.

Then she cut out a strip for the side of the headboard and a faux strip for the back (not pictured).

Here is our daughter helping my mom remove the pins before sewing.

After the Slipcover was made and ironed, we stapled it along the back, along the sides and then at the bottom of the headboard.

Detail shot of the slip cover my mom made.

And here is our completed headboard in our bedroom! We love it!!! Thank you Mom for helping us with our headboard once again.

Note about the area rug, I switched out the floral oval one for this more geometric rug we already had. (not as great as the Anthro Rug- IE not easy to vacuum, but does it's job visually and financially!)

Next up in our bedroom makeover: 

1) We have light gray linen curtains (finally) that I bought from Ikea that need hemming.
2) I'm going to recover our red pillow in a relaxing light blue fabric.
3) One more throw pillow for the bed, in a neutral kaki color linen. (I bought the cover for $12!! at Ikea and I already have the down pillow insert)
4) Artwork: One single piece of artwork for over the bed, I'm on the hunt for a moody landscape photograph.
5) A taller lamp for next to my bed, or a new lampshade for my green lamp, one that isn't so wide and will take up less room (and won't have me feeling like I might knock it over)

I plan on doing a follow up/progress report post later in the week with images of the hemmed curtains, recovered pillows etc, so stay tuned!!

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