Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Pictures, from 2013

Hey everyone, I wanted to check in and share some pictorial highlights from this year's Easter Sunday.

Above: our daughter's genuine reaction to her first jelly bean.

Saturday night I had a bit too much fun assembling her Easter basket! I might have gone a tad over board this year... and for a few reasons. This "to-do" got caught up in my general nesting to dos and thus had been in process for a while... accumulating little bits here and there! Also I was subconsciously worried that if the baby came before Easter, there was a possibility that her basket might take a back seat. Hence the extra planning. But mostly, these things are fun to do with our daughter as each year she is more capable and interested in new things.

I knit her two bunnies (that went into the plastic eggs for the egg hunt). We also found some tasty organic jellybeans and lollipops at our local orchard that also went into the plastic eggs (along with some pennies, and hair bows).

In her basket went a little potted plant for her to plant outside, 3 wooden eggs, a chocolate bunny, a no spill bubble thing, a pink sun hat, three nature/spring themed books, and a vintage wooden puzzle.

She was pretty pumped.

We spent Easter lunch at my folk's house where we had some incredibly delicious lamb, and coconut cake for dessert!

There was a second Easter egg hunt at my folk's house. It was a lot of fun to watch her look for eggs.

It's pretty wild to look back on the past two Easters and see how much she had grown and changed...! and Next Easter there will be two baskets to fill. pretty wild!

Have a great Start to your week!

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